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Leon feeling happy
Any future plans for Fireball mail?
I got the online status thing working today. ITs on the left side under the login.
finally getting back to picking and relearning everything
Making stickers for a bunch of sawmill lumber to be delivered today. 1200 BF of soft maple.
I went to the dollar store yesterday at Greenwood and Terry. When i approached the counter to pay for my stuff, I noticed they were being robbed. The robber got the goods and ran out the door. The cashier was shocked and cussing . I asked her to call the cops and she stated, "store policy was to let them go and not call the cops". WTF!
we added a Conference room last night . Any one can use it for banjo related stuff and I'll try to do live lessons once a week for all members of this site. Just click on the "Conference view" button on the top menu. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!
Its a great morning
its great weather today.
Its going to be a great ULTRA MAGA DAY! Hail to the king.
Hi Jessie
Dang tornado went over my house. No damage here fur a mile away got hit.
It raining too much. Every day just rain .
Joe Biden is not the true president. Trump won!
It snowed today