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We got a new member . Awesome
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Im working hard on Course 1 section
J.D. Crow passed away today. He was one of the greatest banjoist ever.
Howdy Folks. The history section has been moved from pickersacademy to banjoinfo. The Quizes do not work yet. Big thanks to Dragon for helping get many things fixed on the web sit like the videos and audio in the song section.
It turned cold today
Any one can post here.
Just type in and push post.
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Been taking my mom the Dentist. she is 87 and had to have a root cannel.
I'm shipping some 3 ply wood rims to the Sullivan banjo company today.
It was a nice day today.
lots of pollution out side today.
Howdy Folks
Cripple Creek Melodic Version # 2 is ready