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The Banjo History section of Course 1 will give you an understanding of where Bluegrass banjo came from. Read all articles in this section. Take the quiz at the bottom of each article as many times as you need to pass or raise your score. When you have passed all quizzes in this banjo history section please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and say I have passed all quizzes in the history section. When we receive your e-mail you will receive an award.


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How To Read Tab Use these lessons to learn to read tablature. Its very helpful


There are 4 basic rolls in this section. Each roll you learn will be used through your entire banjo-playing future. Rolls help get the picking hand familiar with what strings to pick for learning songs in the future. When learning to play bluegrass banjo it is very important to learn rolls. These rolls should be memorized and played smoothly before going on to learn songs.


Now that you have completed the previous five sections of Course 1, it's time to start learning how to play banjo. These lessons teach us the 3 fret hand techniques used to play most of the stringed instruments. The Slide, Push Off and Hammer On. Cripple Creek is the song used here to teach you all these and more. Make sure you can play Cripple Creek at 80 BPM before moving on to Course 2.